Lunch and Recess Schedule


Hot Lunch, Milk, & Snacks

Students at Chapman are provided the opportunity to have a light snack in their classrooms. We ask that students bring in a snack that is nutritious and of reasonable size.

Although students may bring their own lunch and purchase milk, hot lunch is offered daily at Chapman School. You can view the menu for the month by clicking the "School Menus" tab on our home page. In addition, cheese, ice cream, and gummy fruit snacks may be purchased. A debit account is set up for each student. Money sent in to purchase hot lunch will be credited to your child's account. You may use any plain envelope from home for lunch money. Important information that is needed is name, student ID#, amount enclosed and if any of the money should be split between siblings. All transactions must be made when children arrive at school in the morning. Checks should be made payable to CHAPMAN HOT LUNCH.

LUNCH - $2.75
MILK - $.75
ICE CREAM - $1.00


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On early dismissal days there is no recess period and the lunch schedule is modified:

Early Dismissal Lunch Schedule