School Counselors

Counseling at Chapman School

Welcome! The Comprehensive School Counseling Program at Chapman School is designed to support the teaching and learning of skills in the areas of self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, building and maintaining relationships and responsible decision making.  The development of these skills provides children with a strong social emotional foundation needed for academic and lifelong success. Social emotional skills are taught through class lessons and both individual or group counseling sessions that occur throughout the year.  

Classroom Curriculum

The classroom lessons provide an opportunity for students to get to know the counseling staff in the building and learn skills to help them grow and develop their social and/or emotional skills. The lessons, which are skill based and developmentally appropriate, address the following topics:

    • Grade 1 - Understanding Feelings, Making Friends
    • Grade 2 - Expressing Feelings, Friendship
    • Grade 3 - Growth Mindset, Managing Stress and Friendships
    • Grade 4 - Empathy, Self-Regulation
    • Grade 5 - Peer Relationships, Conflict Resolution
    • Grade 6 - Naviance (Goal setting/planning for the future)

We are also beginning to incorporate classroom lessons using the mood meter and mindfulness.  These tools help students begin to identify, express and regulate their body and emotions. Through the use of the mood meter students will begin to become more mindful of how their emotions change throughout the day.

Small Group Counseling

Small group counseling allows children to develop skills needed to collaborate, work together and develop friendships.  Groups provide opportunities for students to build confidence, identify and express emotions, learn strategies for coping, self-regulation, and or organization.  Groups can also focus on understanding perception of others and various strategies for social problem solving. Students often enjoy and look forward to these groups as skills are presented through games, scenarios, books and activities.  Groups often include 4-6 students and can meet in short segments of 4-6 weeks or occur throughout the school year. 

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is provided to students as needed. The counselor or psychologist may meet with individual students on either a short or long term basis depending on the needs presented in school. Teachers, parents, students and/or the Scientific Research Based Intervention (SRBI) Team may initiate referrals for individual counseling.  Individual counseling can focus on many of the same topics covered in group counseling, however are centered more around the individual needs of the student.

Parent Conferences

Parent-School communication is encouraged and can be set up through:

    • Informal Conferences
    • Parent/teacher/counselor conferences

We are excited to be a part of the Chapman community and welcome any questions or concerns.  


Alethea Therrien, MS, LPC
School Counselor, Chapman Elementary School

Ext. 11118

Christa Saraceni, MS, NCSP
School Psychologist, Chapman Elementary School
Ext. 10620