Goals of Darcey School

  • To establish a positive, safe and challenging learning environment for all children
  • To provide rigourous, relevant and engaging instruction to address students' individual needs
  • To develop a strong home-school partnership


Throughout your child’s day, we reinforce the following school expectations to maintain an environment conducive to learning.

All students have the ability to behave in a responsible manner.
All students are capable learners and are able to make good decisions.
All students can learn from their mistakes and will take responsibility for their actions.

Anti-Bullying Policy
We are required by state law to communicate our anti-bullying policy in our parent handbook. Bullying is defined in the Cheshire Board Of Education Policy #5131.991 as “acts by a student…directed against another student with the intent to ridicule…or intimidate which are repeated against the same student over time…”

Bullying is a rare behavior in the preschool and kindergarten age group. A number of practices are in place at Darcey, however, to emphasize the type of positive interactions among students that are expected and to prevent bullying and other anti-social behaviors. Each teacher communicates the expected behaviors in the classroom and sets a positive tone that supports healthy interaction. In addition there are a number of school wide programs of a preventative nature.

In the event of a bullying incident as defined in the BOE Policy #5131.911 the following intervention will be applied:

1. First level- classroom teacher will respond to any bullying incident he or she observes or is reported by a parent. If the behavior reoccurs a second level intervention will be pursued.

2. Second level- Principal will notify parents and set up a meeting at school with the teacher to discuss the behavior and the importance of the school and home working together to insure it does not reoccur. The needs of the child and parents of both parties will be addressed. The students may be referred to a social skills “friendship group” run by the school guidance counselor. At this level, the incident is reported in the principal’s log.

3. Third level- If the behavior persists it will be necessary to call a meeting and develop a behavior plan that addresses the bullying behavior. The plan is developed by the principal, parents, teacher and school psychologist. The plan is monitored weekly for its effectiveness.

4. Transportation: If the bullying behavior occurs on the school bus, and the behavior does not cease after a level two intervention, transportation privileges will be suspended for five days.

All incidences of bullying as defined by the BOE policy #5131.911 will be documented in a principal’s log at level 2 and beyond, and the records maintained for state reporting purposes and for district records. For more information about this policy please call the principal.