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Lindsay Grant

TOY L. Grant

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Cheshire Public Schools is proud to announce the selection of Lindsay Grant as the 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year!  Lindsay is an elementary teacher at Highland School and is beginning her 7th year in the district.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a Bachelor of Science in Education, Honors Program, and a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Connecticut.  While at UConn, Lindsay received the Connecticut Women's Center Outstanding Senior Women Academic Achievement Award as the honoree for the Neag School of Education.  Her Honor Thesis was entitled "Academic Self-Concept and Student Preferences for Grouping Formats in Elementary Reading Instruction."

Lindsay began her teaching career at Highland School in 2014 where she taught 3rd grade for six years.  She moved to the 4th grade this school year.  At the district level, she has served on the Personalized Learning Task Force and the Cheshire Strategic Planning Committee, and has represented her grade level on the Safety and Technology Committee at the school level.

In addition, Lindsay has volunteered as a Teacher Mentor for groups of students working on projects for the CPS STEAM Expo.  She enjoyed working with these students as they developed a magnetic levitation train and composed a classical music piece in the style of a baroque fugue.  Outside of Cheshire Public Schools, Lindsay has taught traditional and therapeutic horseback riding lessons to riders ages 3+ for the past ten years.

In her Teacher of the Year nomination letter, a Highland parent wrote this about Lindsay:

"If you have a child, you know the angst of waiting to learn who their next classroom teacher will be.  If you are an educator, you have an inside perspective of *just* how much a year with the right teacher can do to change the course of a child's life.  My daughter has been forever changed by her time in Lindsay Grant's classroom.  I have seen Lindsay's professionalism and deep knowledge about her students' individual strengths and weaknesses, her ability to rise to new challenges with grace and positivity, and her outstanding teaching expertise."

Administrators, colleagues, and parents agree that Lindsay is a gifted educator and consummate team player, but her students love her because she pushes them to be better students, to persevere when things are difficult, and to view education as an opportunity!

We in the Cheshire Public Schools are proud to name Lindsay Grant as the 2021-22 Teacher of the Year!  Congratulations Lindsay!

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Please click here for a video clip of Lindsay's acceptance speech that was delivered at this year's Convocation on August 26th, 2021.