Elementary Guidance Program

Cheshire's comprehensive developmental guidance program plays an integral role within each of our elementary schools. Each school is staffed with a school counselor. The program's aim is to meet the social and emotional needs of all children by promoting academic achievement through development of self-confidence, communication and problem solving skills.

This program, which is proactive, employs a three-pronged approach:

1. Our school counselors teach a skills-based developmental curriculum to all students which addresses the following topics: improving self-concept, respecting differences, understanding and dealing with feelings of self and others, learning about appropriate peer interactions, learning good decision-making skills, accepting responsibility for your choices, learning how to set realistic goals, and learning about the world of work.

2. Our school counselors work with students individually and in small groups to assist them in dealing with peers appropriately, and to help them cope with anger and stress. They also support students individually and in small groups as they orient new students to their school environment, and help students cope with issues of divorce and loss.

3. And finally, our school counselors act as consultants to parents and staff, helping them understand the individual needs of children and suggesting strategies to help improve difficulties.

Always in partnership with parents and teachers, Cheshire's Elementary Guidance Program continues to search for innovative ways to provide children with the behavioral tools they need to function independently in an increasingly complex world.