Elementary Special Education Programs


Students are included in general education classes to the fullest extent possible. Support is provided through special education teachers in a co-teaching model, instructional assistants, modifications, and accommodations as outlined in students' Individualized Education Plans. Students participate in whole group, small group, and individual instruction. The inclusion setting allows students to be educated in the least restrictive setting with age appropriate peers.

Resource Centers

Special education teachers and staff provide small group and individualized instruction. Students receive specialized instruction to address areas of academic concern in a small classroom setting.

Intensive Learning Centers

Intensive Learning Centers are designed to meet the needs of students who have Autism and/or significant cognitive deficits. Students are supported through a small student/teacher ratio, speech and language therapy, behavior management programs, social skills training, assistive technology, music therapy, and occupational/physical therapy as well as adaptive physical education. Students' are included in general education settings to the maximum extent possible as outline in Individual Education Plans.