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Elementary Guidance

CHS Guidance

Students in the Cheshire Public Schools are fortunate to participate in a comprehensive K-12 developmental guidance program which includes four major components: the guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support. The design of this program is based on the Connecticut School Counselor Association curriculum which was developed in l988 and revised in l991 and 2000.

Component I - The Guidance Curriculum

One of the assumptions upon which the conception of developmental guidance is based is that there is guidance content that all students should learn in a systematic, sequential way. Student competencies and structured activities are presented systematically through classroom or group activities.

Component II - Individual Planning

The purpose of this component is to provide all students with activities to assist them in planning for and monitoring their personal/social, educational and vocational development.

Component III - Responsive Services

Responsive services are reactions to immediate needs and concerns of individuals, whether these concerns involve information, counseling, consultation or referral. The counselor's responsibilities include individual and group counseling activities, consultation, information dissemination, crisis intervention, and referral.

Component IV -  System Support

System support activities are those which establish, maintain, and enhance the preceding three guidance components. Activities might include program development, staff development, materials development, parent education, testing programs, and community relations.

As part of the developmental guidance program, students participate in several activities which tie in to the Connecticut School to Career initiatives. Career assessments, job shadow opportunities and completion of the Cheshire Public School Portfolio are just a few of these activities.