School Social Workers

Social Work Services At Dodd Middle School

The social worker plays an active role in the Dodd Middle School Guidance Department. Counseling services are provided to seventh and eighth grade special education students. It is our goal to assist students in making a smooth transition socially and academically during their years in middle school. In addition to individual and group counseling services, the social worker consults closely with parents, teachers, and administrators on the behalf of students. Because raising an adolescent presents special challenges for all parents, a nine week workshop is offered for parents to further develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

Social Work Services At Cheshire High School

Social services at Cheshire High School are currently delivered by two school certified masters level social workers. Although both professional staff provides similar services, one is primarily dedicated to working with special education students while the other offers services to regular education students with a specialization in substance abuse issues/counseling.

The services provided include individual counseling, support groups centered around issues such as transition; stress and anger management; interpersonal skills building; socialization; and substance abuse, crisis intervention services,consultation to families, staff and students, referral services to outside mental health agencies.Both social workers are involved on a continuous basis with school/community building activities that are designed to enhance the overall quality of life at Cheshire High School.