Speech & Language Pathologists

The Speech/Language Pathologists in the Cheshire Public Schools provide and carry out a variety of services. Each school within the district is afforded services of a speech/language pathologist.

Speech/Language Pathologists hold Masters degrees in the area of Communication Disorders and are fully certified and licensed by the State of Connecticut Departments of Education and Health. They serve on student study teams, planning and placement teams, and district committees. They attend a variety of yearly conferences and seminars to keep abreast of current trends, techniques, and programs within our field.

Responsibilities include the following:
~Providing teachers and staff with support to students within classroom environments.
~Conducting student observations.
~Administering screening and formalized tests; compiling, organizing, and assessing student data.
~Reporting through comprehensive assessment reports.
~Meeting and corresponding with teachers, staff, and parents.
~Providing educationally based therapy to students identified with articulation, language, hearing, and auditory processing disorders.
~Providing parents with home programs/strategies upon request.