Elementary & Kindergarten School District Street Listing



Cheshire is divided into four elementary school districts. Darcey provides Kindergarten & Early Intervention for it's own district as well as all Doolittle K students.

Chapman Elementary - 38 Country Club Road

Doolittle Elementary - 735 Cornwall Avenue

Highland Elementary - 490 Highland Avenue

Norton Elementary - 414 North Brooksvale Road

Darcey Kindergarten & Early Intervention Center - 1686 Waterbury Road

A District Map is available for an overall picture of the district divisions.



An alphabetical Street Listing of Cheshire streets and the school district to which they are assigned is available. It identifies the corresponding busing or walking designation for each street for your reference.




Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their child walking to and from bus stops and to and from school. Please review the safety information for safety tips and suggestions.


Student's walking  distance to school or their bus stop, as defined in Section 2 of Cheshire Public Schools Transportation Policy 3541, depends on their grade:

Walking Distance To School means the linear measure of the student’s walking route, one way, that is, to the student's school as measured to a point at the nearest school building entrance; to a point at the nearest, safe entrance to the school grounds located within one hundred feet of the school building entrance; or to the bus pick-up/drop off area.

Walking Route means the prescribed or authorized path which a student follows to walk to and from the student’s school or to walk to and from the school bus stop established for the student’s dwelling, but it does not include the route between the student’s dwelling and the curb or edge of the public road.