Student Accident Insurance

Please carefully consider enrolling in the student accident insurance plan that we make available to cover medical and/or dental costs resulting from an injury to your child during the school day.  We recognize that the thought of an injury occurring at school is one we would all rather not think about, but it’s important you make an informed decision about purchasing this insurance.  This coverage provides essential cost protection especially if your family has a high deductible health plan.

For 2020-21, we are pleased to offer the same excellent value student accident coverage at the same rates as last year - just $18 for School Time Coverage for the entire school year.  If purchased, this plan serves as the primary medical insurance covering 100% of Reasonable and Customary expenses up to policy limits with NO Deductible for an injury that occurs while your child is in school.  The reason we make this coverage available is because the school district does not reimburse for medical or dental costs for student injuries that occur during the school day including during gym class, at recess, on school trips, etc.

Berkley Accident and Health, rated A+ by A.M. Best, will provide the student accident insurance coverage and Bob McCloskey Insurance, a firm that specializes in student accident insurance for schools and universities, will administer the program again this year.  The three coverage options are as follows:

AT SCHOOL ACCIDENT COVERAGE – ANNUAL COST OF $18.00 - This option provides coverage for students for the hours and days when school is in session including when students are attending school-sponsored and supervised activities such as class trips. 

DENTAL ACCIDENT COVERAGE – ANNUAL COST OF $11.00 - This option covers dental injuries to sound natural teeth that require treatment within 60 days of a covered accident.

AROUND-THE-CLOCK ACCIDENT COVERAGE – ANNUAL COST OF $93.50 - This option provides coverage around the clock, any place, anytime and anywhere.  It becomes effective the day of enrollment and continues until the first day of school the following year.

SIMPLE, QUICK ONLINE ENROLLMENT & PAYMENT - To obtain more details, please refer to the brochure at the below link and to enroll online, simply visit: Student Accident Insurance