Cheshire Public Schools Calendars


2020-2021 School Calendar - Revised on 10-5-2020

Note: This calendar was updated to include an additional 9 early dismissal days on:

     November 18
     December 2
     January 13, 27
     February 24
     March 31
     April 28
     May 12, 26

If we remain in this current system where we have students both in school and at home as we do now, the 1/2 days are necessary to better support planning and high-quality instruction. 

Our goal is to have all students attending full time every day.  If this happens, we will not need the early dismissal days.  Also, should the entire district have to switch to fully remote learning, we will not need the early dismissal days.  

2021-2022 School Calendar - Proposed Draft  

(Not Final until approved by the Board of Education in 2021)


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