Parent-Community Informational Forums

Dear Cheshire Parents:

We are very excited to announce a series of special parent and community forums over the next month that will focus on Mental Health/Social Emotional Learning, Addiction and Brain Development, and Navigating Social Media & Technology.  While drop-in attendance is allowed, we would appreciate it if attendees would RSVP to help us to better plan for the forums.  Please click HERE to RSVP .  Thank you! Below is a brief description of the forums. 


Mental Health/Social-Emotional Learning

One of our district’s two key focal areas is strong Social-Emotional Learning with Complex Thinking being the other.  We believe that if the Cheshire Public Schools focus on the social-emotional development of our students, our students will demonstrate self-awareness, self-management skills, cultural awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.  As such, we have designed workshops highlighting how we address that goal at the elementary and secondary level.  The elementary workshop will focus on how we coach Social-Emotional Learning and the secondary focus will help parents find answers to the question of “What is my teenager thinking?” Both sessions will include information on the available resources to support children and families. 

Elementary Parents (Gr. K-6) - Thursday, April 26th - 7 pm, Doolittle Elementary School
Secondary Parents (Gr. 7-12) - Monday, April 30th - 7 pm, Dodd Middle School

Navigating Social Media & Technology

Our district screening of the film Screenagers this fall was very successful.  The film examines a parent’s exploration of the challenges of deciding when to purchase a smartphone for her daughter.  In meeting with our Townwide PTA, representatives informed us that there was an interest in building on the themes of that film with a workshop for parents on navigating the challenges of social media and technology.  Maybe you aren’t familiar with Snapchat or want to learn more about our Gaggle platform?  We will have high school students and technology staff on-hand to provide a quick technology overview before giving you the opportunity to engage and ask any specific questions you may have or even help you set up an account.

Elementary Parents (Gr. K-6) - Monday, May 14th - 7 pm, Highland Elementary School Cafeteria
Secondary Parents (Gr. 7-12) - Wednesday, May 30th - 7 pm, Cheshire High School Commons (Note: Location Change)

Addiction and Brain Development

Along with Cheshire Youth Services, Cheshire High School will host Dr. Ruth A. Potee, a board certified Family Physician and Addiction Medicine physician at Valley Medical Group in Greenfield, MA, who will speak on the topic of adolescent brain development and addiction. Dr. Potee urges that “we have to start recognizing that addiction is a real disease.”  She will provide an overview of how substances and addictive behaviors impact the brain and how the brain is injured by prolonged exposure to these substances and behaviors.  This presentation focuses on the three predisposing factors that put individuals at risk for addiction: genetics, early exposure during brain development and history of childhood trauma.

               Thursday, May 10th - 7 pm, Cheshire High School Auditorium (Note: location change)

While drop-in attendance is allowed, we would appreciate it if attendees would RSVP to help us to better plan for the forums.    Please click HERE to RSVP .  Thank you!