Strategic Planning Initiatives



Strategic Goals and Focus Areas for 2011-2021



  • Identify the essential content within the Common Core State Standards and align curriculum accordingly.

  • Design lessons that develop the student behaviors outlined within the Cheshire Performance Standards.

  • Integrate more web-based experiences and assignments that provide authentic problems, real world scenarios, and increasing levels of challenge that align with the essential ideas of each curricular area. 

Instructional Strategies 

  • Increase the use of teaching strategies that engage learners and enhance motivation (e.g. flexible grouping, co-teaching, choice, and active learning, etc.).  

  • Expand and refine the use of effective differentiated instruction for diverse learners.  

  • Use effective intervention strategies to increase the percentage of students working at or above grade level, with a special emphasis on primary grade reading.

Student Work

  • Engage students in rigorous learning tasks that embody the Cheshire Performance Standards. 

  • Create and implement individual student plans that begin in the intermediate grades to foster postsecondary and college guidance and support the capstone experience.

  • Enhance student exposure, respect, and appreciation for cultural diversity in order to prepare students for global citizenship.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Use the Cheshire Curriculum Council review process to analyze and evaluate the extent to which curriculum revisions align with the Common Core State Standards and the Cheshire Performance Standards.

  • Revise and implement a teacher evaluation system that aligns with the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching and focuses on the use of research-based instructional strategies, evidence of learning progress, coaching, feedback, observations, and collaboration.

  • Analyze student assessment data and make instructional decisions that address individual student needs.


  • Develop a plan and monitor the instructional impact of personal computing devices in the elementary, middle school, and high school classroom.

  • Increase the use of nonfiction reading and writing materials and content-based web resources to enhance student understanding and application of essential concepts, academic vocabulary, and related world events and issues.

  • Improve communication between families, students, and faculty using current and emerging technology.

Personalized Learning

  • Cheshire Public Schools’ staff will work collaboratively to research, plan and initiate the integrated use of academic standards, assessments, instructional strategies, resources and grouping practices for the implementation of a K-12 personalized learning approach to support advances in academic achievement and learner engagement.



Our academic core beliefs are fundamental to the development of lifelong learners who will be successful in an ever-changing global society.

We believe the teaching and learning process is built on a strong curriculum that focuses on the fundamental skills of literacy, critical thinking and problem solving skills as articulated in the Cheshire Performance Standards.Each student deserves to be challenged at his/her highest level in a safe, caring and positive environment.Our educational excellence depends on the shared goals and high expectations for achievement by our community.

Our social and personal core beliefs provide the foundation for a positive learning environment and are necessary for the success of the learning process.

We strive to provide a learning environment that promotes the development of social skills and emotional well-being.We believe that the education community has a responsibility to respect the individuality of each learner.We believe in the importance of promoting: character and personal responsibility; citizenship; service; and leadership.

Our community core beliefs support partnerships that foster educational opportunities.

We believe the involvement and partnership of parents, students, staff, and community is critical to student success. Effective communication and accountability among stakeholders are essential to ensure a healthy school system.Financial support is imperative to operational success and to the achievement of our shared goals. 


Our Vision for the Cheshire Public Schools includes: 
  • A curriculum built on sound foundational skills that promote lifelong learning, critical thinking, community involvement and global awareness.
  • High standards of achievement for all learners based on vital concepts and skills and the Cheshire Public Schools performance standards.
  • Effective, engaging and varied teaching strategies and learning tasks that promote appropriate challenge and rigor for each student.
  • A learning community that embraces diversity and promotes respect, trust, and self-esteem, and is safe and free from alcohol, drugs, and violence.
  • Classrooms in which learning is inspired and celebrated.
  • Ongoing and effective communication and interactions between school, home, and the greater community.
  • Students, teachers, parents use technology to enhance learning, teaching, and communicating.
  • Facilities that are clean, well-maintained and meet the needs of today’s learner.
  • Appropriate resources to support the community’s goal of educational excellence.