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 Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to the Red Team at Dodd Middle School. It is our intention that eighth grade be an enjoyable and successful experience for the student, parent and teacher alike. When the school year begins, we will meet with the students to discuss expectations. In this letter, we have summarized some of the key topics of discussion. We look forward to meeting many of you at open house, at which time we can elaborate on this overview.

To ensure a proper learning environment, students are expected to:

1. Be on time and prepared with all required materials, including their chromebook

2. Give their full attention during class, especially when directions are explained.
3. Be respectful to others.
4. Complete all assignments in a timely manner.

Throughout the school year, students will be encouraged to develop responsible behavior and meet these expectations. Parents, please reinforce the above expectations with your child. By working together, we can have a productive year.

Attendance is critical to educational success. All work missed due to absence from class must be completed as stated in the school handbook and in consult with the teacher. When absent, students should call a classmate or check the teacher's website to find out what was covered in class and what assignments were given. Upon return, it is the responsibility of the student to discuss makeup requirements with the teachers. In the case of extended absences due to illness, please contact the team for make-up work. Please visit the Dodd website Student Handbook for the new attendance policy.


Effective communication between school and home is essential. To aid our communication, students and/or parents may contact the Red Team via email or telephone. Dodd Middle School’s telephone number is 272-3249. We encourage the use of e-mail as an effective method of communication between parent and teacher. Our email addresses can be accessed through the Dodd Web Page.

We request that you review this letter with your child indicating awareness and acceptance of these team expectations.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to a great school year.


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