Students at Dodd may participate in three music programs. These programs are band, chorus, and orchestra. It is important to note that enrollment in any of these groups is a full year commitment.


Mrs. LeClaire
The band program is structured to provide large group rehearsal as well as small group lessons; both are equally important and, therefore, are required components of band membership. The small group lessons help to develop further musical and technical ability and allow for proper assessment and evaluation of each student. These lessons are scheduled during the school day on a rotating basis. Students may choose to participate in Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble. Please click on “Band Home Page” to read about some helpful hints for starting the year off on the right note.


Ms. Yannon
Dodd Middle School has a long history of providing students with a quality vocal experience. Chorus has long been a very popular program and one that many students have enjoyed. The Dodd Chorus meets every other day for ensemble rehearsals.
Vocally talented students who want to do more may audition for Select Chorus. This group meets once a week after school.


Mrs. Jamie Odell
The Orchestra program at Dodd consists of large group rehearsals and required small group instruction. Rehearsals occur on alternating days during period seven; students do not miss basic subjects for rehearsals. The lesson component necessitates that students meet during basic subject time once each week. The rotating schedule has students missing each basic subject class about once a month. Attendance at lessons is very important.