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 Cheshire Public Schools Health Office Handbook With Links to Health Forms



• If medications need to be given by the nurse during school hours, a special form is
required. This form must be filled out and signed by a physician and the parent or
guardian. An adult must bring the medication to school in its original container. This
includes any over the counter medication, i.e. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.
• If your child appears ill and/or has a temperature near 100.5 degrees or above, keep
him/her home.
• Notify the school by telephone if your child will be absent.
• Notify the school if your child will be home for a prolonged period of time.
• Any prolonged illness (i.e. strep throat, scarlet fever, or pneumonia) should be reported
to the school nurse so that she may follow up on such an illness.
• If your child contracts chicken pox, keep him/her home seven (7) days from the
appearance of the first lesion, or longer if the initial crusts are still present.
• Head lice have presented a problem at times. If you discover head lice or eggs (nits), call
your child’s doctor for appropriate treatment and immediately notify the school nurse.
Upon return, please see the nurse before returning your child to the classroom.
• “Pink Eye” or conjunctivitis is contagious. Please keep your child home and consult
your doctor for treatment.
• On the emergency form in PowerSchool, include names of people you know will be
available in order of sequence you would like them to be called.
• Allergies of any kind are considered serious. Notify the health office of any allergies
your child may have.
Renee Zimmitti, R.N.
Fax: 203-250-2539


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