We're glad you decided to stop by.  The visual arts are very important to every child, and give him or her a chance to express themselves in a way they might not otherwise be able to do.  The arts give a chance for children to experiment, to question, and to discover that often there can be more than one solution to a particular problem. The study of visual arts also gives students a more complete understanding of different periods of history through a multidisciplinary approach.  It can also teach children to appreciate the diversity in the world. 

We teach children vocabulary to help them respond and to write about art, as well as teaching various techniques for different kinds of media including paint, pencil, clay and paper maché.  Our curriculum is based on the Connecticut State Standards for Art Education, which feels that creating art and being able to respond to art are equally important for the child.  We also enjoy seeing the joy and sense of pride on a child's face when he or she creates something beautiful!


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