Performance Standards

Complex Thinker

The Cheshire Public Schools student uses a variety of complex reasoning skills and techniques from multiple disciplines to shape information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding.


A.    Identifies, analyzes and solves authentic/complex problems, situations, questions, and issues

B.    Explores a variety of critical and/or creative strategies to accomplish tasks

C.    Applies content specific procedures and processes (formulas, equations, syntax, etc.) to solve problems

D.   Assesses the relevance of information, synthesizes information and experiences from multiple sources

Creative Thinker

The Cheshire Public Schools student thinks creatively and produces innovative or original products demonstrating novel approaches to thinking and learning.


A.           Generates innovative or original ideas and applies them in practice

B.           Approaches situations from different perspectives while challenging assumptions

C.           Develops an open and growth-oriented mindset: students demonstrate an ability to learn from setbacks, persevere through challenges and take risks

D.           Demonstrates flexibility and openness to divergent ideas and different approaches, understanding the connections between different concepts across all disciplines

Self-Directed Learner

The Cheshire Public Schools student is an independent and reflective lifelong learner.


A.     Demonstrates self-advocacy, self-awareness and assessment of skills and strengths

B.     Effectively allocates time to accomplish learning and/or personal goals

C.     Seeks and uses resources to promote continued learning
D.     Prepared to fully and actively participate in all learning experiences

Effective Communicator

The Cheshire Public Schools student clearly expresses his or her ideas in an effective and organized manner.


A.     Generates ideas and articulates them clearly and in a well-organized fashion demonstrating thoughtful and precise use of language and personal voice

B.     Considers the perspectives of diverse audiences in all communication

C.     Communicates for a variety of purposes including information, persuasion, instruction and motivation

D.     Communicates using various modes of expression

Collaborative/Cooperative Learner

The Cheshire Public Schools student engages with members of a group in order to achieve a common goal. 


A.     Monitors and adjusts own behaviors in order to equitably contribute to group success;

B.     Works interdependently toward the achievement of group goals by fulfilling individual roles within the group;

C.     Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills and applies them respectfully when challenging and responding to the ideas of others; and

D.     Practices empathy for the perspective of others and the ability to compromise to achieve a common goal

Community Contributor

The Cheshire Public Schools student actively participates in the school, town, and global community while demonstrating concern and respect for self, others and property.


A.     Shows awareness of social expectations by exhibiting appropriate behavior

B.     Demonstrates responsible decision-making and constructive choices by showing respect, civility, and a deep consideration of the welfare of self, others and property

C.     Exhibits respect for self and others while recognizing individual differences

D.     Assumes responsible citizenship by taking positive action in the school, town and global community


 (From BOE Policy 1125 - Strategic Goals and Performance Standards - Revised 7/2019)