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 Cheshire Public Schools Health Office Handbook With Links to Health Forms


Welcome to Norton School’s Health Information page.  As the school nurse I look forward to keeping our students healthy  My door  is always open, feel free to stop in any time.  Listed below are a few reminders about our school health protocol.

  • Notify the school at 203 272-7283 if your child will be absent and please indicate the nature of the illness.
  • A child who has a temperature of 100.5 degrees or higher needs to remain at home from school until 24 hours after the fever has subsided and without fever reducing medication.
  • After a child receives the first dose of an antibiotic to treat an infection, the child needs to stay home from school 24 hours before the student can return.
  • A doctor’s authorization is necessary if a child needs medication to be given in school. This authorization is needed for both “over the counter” and prescription medicines.
  • Health screenings are provided by the health office. They are:  vision and hearing for grades K-1, 3rd & 5th in the fall; scoliosis screening for 5th grade girls in the spring. The office will send home referrals if it is determined that they are necessary.
  • 6th grade parents should note:  that before entering the 7th grade, students will need a state mandated health assessment dated and signed by your own physician after April.  Forms will be sent home in the spring.
  • Always feel free to contact the nurse with any medical or health concerns. It is particularly helpful as health records are updated regularly.
  • Please have all food to be shared in the classroom approved by your child’s teacher in advance.
  • Food that is to be shared in school must be brought to the nurse’s office first. ALL FOODS MUST BE SEALED AND PREPACKAGED with a list of all ingredients.  Homemade foods will not be accepted.

Health documents are available on line, or in the Health Office. All questions and concerns can be directed to Mrs. Ardesia at 203 271-9878 or email me at

Kathy Ardesia, RN

Norton School Nurse