The Cheshire Public Schools Visual Arts Department
The Cheshire Public Schools Visual Arts Department recognizes that art is essential to the entire learning process in the development of every child. Therefore, all children must be afforded the opportunity to create and respond in the visual arts as part of the core curriculum.

The arts develop attitudes, intellectual skills and characteristics required to participate effectively in today’s society and economy. They are integral to everyone’s daily lives. Our personal, social, economic and cultural environments are shaped by the arts.

The visual arts program at Norton School provides students with the opportunity to articulate their perceptions, creative solutions, multicultural understanding, and self expression . Student intellect is developed through exposure to art production, art appreciation and art history. Product, process and evaluation are equally important to the student’s experience.

The visual arts program at Norton School is based on the DBAE model, Disciplined Based Art Education model. All students are introduced to a common core of artists and the artists’ style and techniques. Students are then encouraged to use these styles within their own individual interpretation of the artists’ work.

Each year, students from Norton participate in the annual Townwide Artshow , as well as other local shows. Student artwork is on display at the Board of Education Offices throughout the year.