Townwide PTA

Who We Are

The Cheshire Townwide Parent Teacher Association (TWPTA) is the PTA Council for the Cheshire community. The Cheshire TWPTA was established in August 1993. Learn more about the TWPTA council*.

What We Do

We Listen.

The Cheshire TWPTA meets with parent representatives from every Cheshire school throughout the year to exchange information and build on successes. The Cheshire TWPTA bi-annually hosts the Board of Education (BOE) Candidates Forum providing a neutral ground for candidates to introduce themselves to the Cheshire voters.

We Question.

The TWPTA hosts a Cheshire Public School (CPS) District Administrator at each meeting. We engage in meaningful conversations about the current state and future of the the Cheshire Public Schools. Past topics have included: curriculum, testing, school calendar and use of resources.

We Report.

Every person who attends a TWPTA meeting will learn something they didn’t know before and gain perspective on a variety of community concerns. This information is then reported back to each school and often to our Cheshire neighbors and friends.

When & Where We Meet

The Cheshire TWPTA meets at the CPS District Office Building, 3rd floor conference room, 29 Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410.

Please join us on any or all of the following dates at 6 pm:

February 26, 2020 and March 25, 2020  


*A PTA Council is a group of local units organized under the authority of the Connecticut PTA (CTPTA) for purposes of conference, leadership training, and coordination of efforts of the local units. Councils are an effective means of unifying PTA activities in a community and providing a way for local units to collaborate on projects that an individual unit could not accomplish alone; they also provide a mechanism for PTAs to share information within the school district. They fill an important role in the PTA of providing support and assistance to the local units within their area. They also provide the Connecticut PTA with a much-needed local perspective. Councils are vital to the effective running of a state PTA!

The Cheshire TWPTA President or his/her delegate is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut PTA (CT PTA). CT PTA's Board of Directors meets at least four times a year to discuss issues that are of interest to all PTAs in the state. The TWPTA President serves as a conduit for information between CT PTA and the PTA units in Cheshire.