Learn more about the Townwide Parent Teacher Association.

The Cheshire Townwide Parent Teacher Association (TWPTA) is the PTA Council for the Cheshire community. The Cheshire TWPTA was established in August 1993.

A PTA Council is a group of local units organized under the authority of the Connecticut PTA (CTPTA) for purposes of conference, leadership training, and coordination of efforts of the local units. Councils are an effective means of unifying PTA activities in a community and providing a way for local units to collaborate on projects that an individual unit could not accomplish alone; they also provide a mechanism for PTAs to share information within the school district. They fill an important role in the PTA of providing support and assistance to the local units within their area. They also provide the Connecticut PTA with a much-needed local perspective. Councils are vital to the effective running of a state PTA!

The Cheshire TWPTA President or his/her delegate is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut PTA (CT PTA). CT PTA's Board of Directors meets at least four times a year to discuss issues that are of interest to all PTAs in the state. The TWPTA President serves as a conduit for information between CT PTA and the PTA units in Cheshire.

The Cheshire TWPTA serves as an important source of information and support to the local PTA units in Cheshire, and to their PTA members. The Cheshire TWPTA also hosts an annual parent speaker, speaking on a topic of interest to the Cheshire community. During Board of Education (BOE) member election years, the Cheshire TWPTA also hosts a BOE Candidates Forum.

Meeting Format

The monthly TWPTA meetings are usually held at Humiston School/Board of Education conference room at 7pm, on the first Tuesday of each month. The meetings last about 1.5 hours. At the meeting, a member of the school administration (often the Superintendent of Schools or one of the Asst. Superintendents) provides a brief school district report and answers questions. The TWPTA Officers make brief reports and discuss PTA issues at the state and district level. Each school representative is then asked to make a brief school report, which includes past and upcoming activities at their school (PTA events, school events), special happenings at the school, and any PTA concerns. A copy of each school report is also e-mailed to the TWPTA secretary, for inclusion in the meeting minutes.

Member Units

The following PTA units are currently members of the Cheshire PTA Council (TWPTA):

Darcey School PTA

Chapman School PTSA

Doolittle School PTA

Norton School PTA

Highland School PTO

Dodd Middle School PTA

Cheshire High School PTO

Member Dues

Each PTA unit pays annual member dues of $150 to the Cheshire TWPTA. Checks should be made payable to: Cheshire PTA Council


We invite you to attend our monthly TWPTA meetings. These meetings provide a wonderful opportunity to learn what's happening in the Cheshire School District, with Connecticut PTA and Cheshire Townwide PTA, and with the other PTA units in Cheshire. These meetings also provide you the opportunity to voice your opinions on key PTA decisions, meet representatives from other PTAs in town, and ask questions about issues that concern your PTA.

TWPTA members are e-mailed minutes taken at the monthly TWPTA meetings. These minutes are also posted on the TWPTA website. Our TWPTA web pages contain PTA meeting dates, meeting minutes, a listing of board members, board responsibilities, council by-laws, meeting agendas, and valuable links.

The TWPTA School Representatives are responsible for updating their home PTA units with information from the TWPTA and publicizing upcoming events. The TWPTA also sends notices home with students or in the respective school newsletters about upcoming events. Parents are encouraged to contact their TWPTA Representatives with any suggestions, questions or concerns.


The Cheshire Townwide PTA does not participate in any fundraising programs at this time. We are able to fund our TWPTA program through the TWPTA dues paid by our local PTA member units. Those member dues enable us to fund our TWPTA operational budget and sponsor our annual parent speaker. The Cheshire TWPTA is considered an educational nonprofit [section 501(c)(3)] organization by the IRS. Parents or community members who desire to make a tax-deductible donation to the Cheshire TWPTA should contact the TWPTA Treasurer.